Are you ready to take back control of your mind, body & soul as you move through midlife?

If so, you will want to grab a front row seat for this exclusive FREE online event.  
1st March - 6th March 2020

Are you ready to take back control of your mind, body & soul as you move through midlife?

If so, you will want to be there for this exclusive FREE online event.  22nd September - 27th September. 
Doors are open. Reserve your FREE place now.

Are you ready to take back control of your mind, body & soul as you move through midlife?

If so, you will want to be there for this exclusive FREE online event.  22nd September - 27th September. 
Doors are open. Reserve your FREE place now.

Hello darling!

I'm guessing life is pretty good. You're smart and successful. 
Everything on paper looks great.


Lately, you're feeling something's not quite right yet you can't quite put your finger on it.

You feel kind of lost like you are searching for something.
You can’t quite figure out what you want from life.
You feel vaguely uncomfortable in your own skin.
You feel restless in your relationships and your lifestyle.
You are acutely aware of the passing of time


I’m Star Monroe, an expert coach & therapist and if you are starting to believe it’s all going downhill.

I totally understand.

About 5 years ago I lost my identity and didn’t have a clue who I was anymore, this resulted in my confidence disappearing, I felt stuck with my life and was convinced I had nothing to look forward to.

But something significant shifted when I learnt about the
archetypal wisdom of the Queen.  

Since this discovery I have slowly been weaving this powerful wisdom into my life (& my client's lives) and can tell you we all have never felt better.

So I have created this FREE exclusive online event so you too, can take back control and make your midlife magnificent.

Come join me my Darling. Life is just beginning!

Here's what's a-happening.

Redefine midlife.

1st March 2020. 7 pm UK

Discover the 4 stages of womanhood and what it means to walk The Queen's Path.  I guarantee this wisdom will change how you view being an older woman in our society and give you a much needed touchstone to elevate yourself at midlife.

What is The Queen's Path?

2nd March 2020. 7 pm UK

Even though The Queen's Path is a rite of passage for all women, not every woman walks it.  Discover the 6 realms that make up The Queen's Path and find out if it's the right path for you.  

Enter The Queen's Path

4th March 2020. 7 pm UK

I'll be sharing my 'go-to' Queenly Practices & secrets that lay the foundation so you can cultivate a powerfully radiant Queen-like lifestyle. Think more confidence, clarity and way more va va voom!

The Celebration Soiree

6th March 2020. 7 pm UK

In our Celebration Soiree I'll be weaving everything you have learnt so far (you'll have some life-changing take-home practices) and I'll be revealing the next powerful steps which will continue to put YOU back in control of your mind, body & soul so you can navigate midlife with gusto!

You will not want to miss this Celebration Soiree, surprises, Queenly Secrets and untold wisdoms will be revealed.

And so you know you are in good hands.

After years of hiding my body on holiday I can't believe it! At 49 years young I have finally rocked out a bikini for the first time ever and I didn't give a hoot! I've also worked in a man's world for so long and got so fed up with all the rules and regulations.  It was leaving me feeling stuck and unmotivated.  But all this has changed as I walked The Queen's Path, I realised life is too short to put off what I really want to do and I'm finally starting my own business so I can create my own rules! 
Jane Jones
Through Star's wisdom I have identified a whole host of past patterns that no longer serve me.  I realise I no longer need to put my life on hold to caretake everyone else.  I am spending more time on me.  This increased awareness and attention I've been giving to myself has resulted in the spark reigniting in my marriage and lots more adventures travelling.
Kim Bultman
Everything has changed since I have worked with Star.  My attitude, mindset, the way I interact with people.  My anxiety has reduced so much and I am now feeling more focused on living a life that makes me happy.  Everyone has noticed the difference too, I am happier and have way more fun with life. An added bonus is that my business is booming because I feel so much more confident in myself.  I am a true Queen.
Famfa Taal
After years of putting my needs on the backburner and not valuing who I am I finally understand that I am the most important person in my world.  So much so that I finally found the courage to say goodbye to my relationship that was going no where. I feel so powerful.
Lesley W
I could have fallen apart when I found out my husband had an affair but because of the work I have done with Star I have way more resilience and personal awareness.  I know how to take care of myself through life's ups and downs.  Every woman moving through midlife needs to embrace the wisdom of the Queen.
Shirley Smith
After years of really not liking my body and putting my needs last everything changed when I worked with Star.  Giving myself permission to have more fun with life has been life changing and for the first time in 10 years I hung a huge mirror in my bedroom so I can start celebrating the woman who is reflected back to me.
Francine L

In midlife, we RISE!

I've been working with women for over 30 years in the capacity as a mentor, coach and therapist. I'm a certified psychotherapist, eating psychology coach, relationship therapist, yoga/pilates teacher (oh, and a retired showgirl!) I've experienced many challenges in life and weave all I've learnt into my work. My approach has depth, wisdom but is down to earth and sprinkled with fun. I am fiercely loyal, wildly wise and pretty funny. Life is better with me by your side.