The Queen's Path

My signature 6-month, life-changing mentorship program designed for the midlife woman who is ready put herself first and live her very own audaciously flamboyant life!
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What would change if...

  • You made the decision to put yourself first?
  • You knew what you really wanted in life?
  • You no longer put off what makes you feel alive?
  • You put your wellbeing first and started to honour & celebrate your body?
  • You took back the control and defined getting older in your own unique way
  • You stopped caring about what society and everyone else wants for you?
  • You decided to have way more fun with life?

The Queen's Path is a rite of passage for all women. And you don't have to go it alone.

As we move into the 2nd half of our life many things start to shift and our responsibilities change. Yes, there are more options but what do we do when don't recognise who we anymore and completely misplaced our zest for life?

Well it's ok, because this is all completely normal. You see there is no guidebook and no philosophy which gives us a framework to reclaim ourselves at this time of our lives. Personally, I couldn’t find anything that was wise, inspirational and fun (because I do love to have fun) as I moved through my very own transitional time so I created my own.

I weaved my experiences as a psychotherapist, life coach, teacher and the archetypal wisdom of the Queen and created a powerful touchstone, a life changing philosophy that can give you back YOU and a life you adore.

Now is the time to shed all that you’ve outgrown and is no longer serving you so you can powerfully step into and own your Queen.

The Queen's Path philosophy brings together inner work (mindset, attitude), outer work (daily practices/rituals), somatic work (your power lies in your body and I know just how to get you to access it) and your unique feminine power.  It is the wisdom that is missing for so many women and I guarantee it can change your life.

The Queen's Path can help you become the woman you've always wanted to be.

You will...

  • rediscover who you are and fall in absolute love with the woman you are becoming.
  • breathe life into your dreams and bring them into your reality.
  • have way more fun with life, try things you never thought you would, wear clothes you never thought you would wear, take those trips, meet new people & celebrate your life every darn day.
  • have confidence in what you want and how you are going to get it.  
  • know how to manage yourself with aplomb when life throws you a sneaky curveball.
  • have the courage to take that leap of faith, do the impossible & step way out of your comfort zone (all the darn time!)
  • no longer put your needs on the backburner because you can see how magnificent life is when you put yourself first.
  • learn the skills to keep your body healthy, vibrant and sexy and more importantly you will create a lifestyle that totally embodies these newfound skills.
  • become the expert on you.
  • give way less fucks about what it means to be an older woman.  You embrace midlife & getting older because as Lauren Bacall said “I’m no has been, I’m a will be”

Our Queens are doing amazing things...

I was ready to shift my ongoing feelings of anxiety and inertia (these were leaving me feeling frustrated and stuck in life). I was initially a little worried about the analogies and terminology the course was wrapped in (Queen, Princess, etc). A bit cheesy...? Possibly lightweight..? But the course itself was far from that, yet not hard-going either. The practices I have under my belt now have helped changed my attitude. I feel empowered to carry on the work and to adapt it to the ever shifting sands of life. 

After years of hiding my body on holiday I can't believe it!  I'm fully embracing midlife, I have finally rocked out a bikini for the first time ever and I didn't give a hoot! I've also worked in a man's world for so long and got so fed up with all the rules and regulations.  It was leaving me feeling stuck and unmotivated.  But all this has changed as I walked The Queen's Path, I realised life is too short to put off what I really want to do and I'm finally starting my own business so I can create my own rules!
Jane Jones

When I first met Star I felt like I had lost myself and my spark for life.  After working with her I can safely say I am back with a vengeance!  I am full of life and having way more fun.  Star taught me that Queen's fill their life with pleasure and that I certainly do.  This year I have already had 4 holidays and I'm booking my next.  And my business is booming because I have so much more energy!
Ali Hollands

Before I found The Queen's Path I was feeling lost and completely disconnected from myself.  After working with Star I can honestly say I have rediscovered who I am and am living it full out.  My creativity is off the charts and I am dipping my toes into new hobbies such as flamenco dancing and art classes.  I no longer feel lost but full of purpose and passion. I am making time do things I have never made time for before. I’m loving my life again.
Nikki Rice

Before The Queen's Path I was feeling stuck and unhappy where my life was.  After moving through the program I realise that I deserve to be happy and that I cannot rely on others to do this for me. I've let go of the guilt I constantly felt when I put myself first and now integrate pleasure into my life every day. I've learnt not to punish my body and to enjoy it and appreciate it for all the stuff it can do rather than what it can't do. I feel back in control and ready to make some life changing decisions.
Rebecca Bew

I don't mind telling you my life (pre Star) was a shit-show.  I was running around looking after everyone else and I was really suffering.  My moods were all over the place and I'd lost my zest for life.  I have learnt how to put my needs first (and I don't feel guilty) and the results are life changing.  I feel way more in control of my emotions (when I get angry I know how to calm myself down) and my body (I don't hide anymore).  I feel really happy and everyone around me has noticed too!
Emma Ballerino

Through Star's wisdom I have identified a whole host of past patterns that no longer serve me.  I realise I no longer need to put my life on hold to caretake everyone else.  I am spending more time on me.  This increased awareness and attention I've been giving to myself has resulted in the spark reigniting in my marriage and lots more adventures travelling.
Kim Bultman

Everything has changed since I have walked The Queen's Path.  My attitude, mindset, the way I interact with people.  My anxiety has reduced so much and I am now feeling more focused on living a life that makes me happy.  Everyone has noticed the difference too, I am happier and have way more fun with life. An added bonus is that my business is booming because I feel so much more confident in myself.  I am a true Queen.
Famfa Taal

Second guessing myself was second nature to me which was really affecting my confidence.  I have discovered how to listen into my own wisdom and trust myself.  So much so that I have ditched my corporate job and started my own landscaping business (which is something I kept putting off for years!)  I love the path of the Queen as it gives me a touchstone to come back to when the going gets tough.  I now know that I can face any challenge that comes my way and I'm so excited to live my new life.
Karen Scott

Midlife had left me feeling lost, questioning who I was and why I was here. The best and most empowering thing I have realized through this whole process was, I'm still ME. Down to my core I have always been the same person, but through my ages and stages, I've always tried to fit into the box of what was expected. This time however I can move with grace into my Queendom. Boxes are no longer required as through this I have recovered the confidence to just be the best me.
Holly Spero

Joining The Queen's Path is one the best things I have ever done for myself.  You see I knew I lost myself as I had put myself to one side for so many years.  But now I feel way more in control of who I am and what I want from life.  I can flip a bad mood in an instant too (so no more snarky bitch mode!)  Learning that my opinion matters and I don't have to live my life saying sorry is a gamechanger and being comfortable with this body of mine is something I needed to do for a long long time!! Walking the path of the Queen has changed everything for me in midlife. 
Kristy Bridges

I walked into The Queen's Path feeling utterly low mentally and physically.  I wanted to know who I was and where I was going.  As I moved through the program little things started to change for me. Like the way I thought about myself and how I spent my time. These may not sound life changing but they are! I rediscovered who I am and even did a burlesque photo shoot and enjoyed it without picking fault with my body! Oh and changing my relationships with people and moving away from their drama was a game changer. If you are moving through midlife and feel lost I'd highly recommend Star, she is epic, honest and truly awesome at showing women who have lost their shizzle to get back on that path and own it!!
Nicole Hall Woodcock

Meet your guide, Star Monroe...

I spend my days & some nights (a Queen needs her rest time) helping women take back control of their mind, body & soul by walking The Queen's Path. I've had the absolute pleasure of teaching/coaching and mentoring women for over 30 years. 

My formal qualifications are certified psychotherapist, relationship therapist, eating psychology coach, yoga/pilates teacher, oh & I'm also a retired showgirl! I've also been through hell and back (former addict, bankruptcy, poor choice in men, self sabotage to name a few) and live to tell the tale.

But way more than all of this, I'm 100% committed to guiding you on your journey to becoming a true Queen. 

Is this course right for you?


You are ready to change.
You are willing to do things differently.
You have already done some inner work on yourself.
You have an open mind.
You are committed to doing the work.
You love to ask questions.
You are curious.
You love to have fun.
You love surprises.
You are excited to redefine ageing.


You don't want to change.
You make excuses.
You don't take responsibility for your actions.
You do not like working in a group (participating in our private FB group & turning up to our LIVE calls is highly encouraged).
You want instant results. 
You want someone to do the work for you.
You hate ageing and will do anything to stop the process.

Your investment..

6 x payments of $367

1 x payment of $1997


What are your credentials?

I have worked with women as a teacher, mentor, therapist & coach for the past 30 years.  

I am a British certified psychotherapist, relationship therapist, eating psychology coach, yoga & pilates teacher (I am an expert in how the body works), retired showgirl (I ran my Academy of Womanly Arts for 15 years too), real life wise woman (I am an avid researcher of women's wisdom and have a Masters in Health Behaviour) and spent a year researching our culture and how it affects women (and wrote 5 in-depth essays documenting my findings).

I have a ton of real life experience through some of life’s toughest patches and have moved through severe body hate, eating disorders, abusive relationships, bankruptcy and addictions. I’m out the other side with a ton of real life experience & wisdom gained, which my clients find invaluable as they walk The Queen's Path.

My style is grounded, wise, practical and fun.  You can't help but change when I'm in your life!

What is so special about The Queen's Path?

As we move through midlife we are called to do the work on ourselves.  This is our rite of passage to walk the Queens Path.  Not every woman does but for the ones who do listen to the call their lives are forever transformed with the foundations to live the next chapter of their lives powerfully and beautifully.

I'm super busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to this experience?

My darling, I know your time is precious and you have many responsibilities but drawing from my many years of working with women I've learnt that  "I don't have enough time" completely gets in the way of us stepping into our true power and potential as women.  So before I dive into specifics I'd like to start by saying the only REAL thing that's required of you is your 100% commitment.

Here’s what you can expect time-wise.

45 minutes for our weekly LIVE group calls.
30 - 60 mins each week for your weekly assignments (plus 15 minutes for your daily Queen practice).  

The more you put in, the more you are going to get out of this journey and if you are thinking "how can I fit this in?" I invite you to flip the narrative to "how can I carve out the time to commit to this life-changing experience?" I guarantee when you do, the time will appear.

I don't think I can make all the LIVE calls, does that matter?

One or two missed calls will be ok, they are all recorded.  But if you want personal coaching, advice and support (and we progress much quicker when we get this) be there for these calls.

I'm not on facebook.

Our private group is hosted on facebook and I highly recommended every woman enrolled joins our group.  The support you will receive by sharing and supporting each other on is life-changing.  

What kinds of women sign up?

All kinds of women from all walks of life.  But every woman wants to learn more and do more with her life - she is ready to change (and do the work).  The women I attract are curious to learn more about themselves, they love to have fun and love to ask questions!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the day the program starts because I want you to have full confidence and security in your investment.  After 14 days no refunds are allowed.

However, if you're coming into this experience already thinking about a refund, it may not be for you.  I only want to work with women who are 100% committed to themselves and this experience.

For this reason, I will ask to see your completed assignments and practices to ensure are showing up and doing the work.  If you dive into this experience with an open mind and a committed heart, you are going to experience sensational results.

Can I share the class materials with my friend?

100% not.  This work is for your eyes only.  You will receive a copy of my T&CS when you join up.

Will you be running The Queen's Path again?

Spring 2021